21. McBriens Road (1823) -O’Connell-Kelso-Bathurst Road

21. McBriens Road (1823) -O’Connell-Kelso-Bathurst Road

Location: This road commenced at what is now the junction of the O’Connell Road and Cox’s Road (Carlwood
Road) proceeding through to Kelso.

Altitude, Lat/Long: 727m AHD; -33.554962,149.741603

Time required at site: 30 min to 1hr (if intending to drive to Kelso & return).

Relevance to Cox’s Road: McBriens Road to Kelso (the Bathurst settlement on the east/right bank of the
Macquarie River), was one of the first planned deviations from Cox’s Road likely formalising an already existing
shortcut to Bathurst from the O’Connell Plains. The present O’Connell Road to Bathurst more-or-less follows the
line of McBrien’s 1823 Road. This road has often been mistaken as being a part of Cox’s Road.

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