63.Perry’s Lookdown:

63.Perry’s Lookdown:

Location: At the terminal point of Hatfield Road from the Great Western Highway about 7km as the crow flies.

Altitude, Lat/Long: 901m AHD;-33.5994,150.3459;

Time required at site: 1-2 hrs

Relevance to Cox’s Road: Cox’s Road is about 7.2km due west of this site. Cox’s Road between the Nepean River and Mount York tracks across Triassic aged sandstone. Many colonial naturalists and scientists who wrote about their journeys over the mountains, could differentiate between the eastern sandstone country and the western granite country. Even so they mostly could not explain what they saw, comprehend the processes involved nor the concept of deep time. Here looking across to the Mount Banks Wall, the story is written in the rocks. Cox’s Road is but one cultural layer in time.

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