29. Lockyers Line of Road (1828/29)

29. Lockyers Line of Road (1828/29)

Location:Participants may wish to complete a walk-drive along Lockyers line of Road in a single session,
commencing at Mount York, first walking down Lockyers Track (S56) off the Mount York Road (Cox’s Road).
Combining a walk-drive would be best achieved by pairing up with another party’s vehicle, placed at the
Lockyers Track exit point at the bottom of Mount York in the car park, off Hartley Vale Road. From there drive to
Collitts Inn (S46), and then along Hartley Vale Road/Brown’s Gap Road about 4.5km to the entrance of the
homestead Nulwarra. Lockyers Road (LR) then proceeded through what is now private land along the base of
Hassans Walls to the Great Western Highway (GWH), where it cuts across Mitchells Road. Double back to the
GWH to the historic Ferndale Homestead (c1856) immediately south of Hassans Walls Lookout. LR passed
immediately south of this location. From this point, LR passes through private land a few hundred metres south
of the Forty Bends section of Mitchells Road, crosses Daintree Close and then McKanes Falls Road, before
following the line of the GWH near the historic Ben Avon Homestead (1845) at Old Bowenfels. From here LR
follows the GWH before turning left onto Magpie Hollow Road (MHR). LR follows MHR (except for the deviation
required around Lake Lyall), continuing through to the Rydal-Hampton Road. LR continues across the Rydal-
Hampton Road becoming Sodwalls Road through to Tarana, and then via Mutton Falls Road to the O’Connell Road.
At this intersection LR joins up with McBrien’s 1823 O’Connell-Kelso-Bathurst Road (S21).

Altitude, Lat/Long:700 – 1000m AHD: Lat/Long: Start -33.5692, 150.2329 thence variable.

Time required at site: about 4 hrs if planning to walk Lockyers
Track off Mount York and then drive along the remainder of the route (60 km plus doubling back km)

Relevance to Cox’s Road: Lockyers Track off Mount York Road (Cox’s Road), was the second deviation attempting
to locate a more suitable route to replace Cox’s Pass. The western section of the new line of road, enabled Mt
Blaxland ridge and Clarence Hilly Range to be circumvented, as well as making use of the recently completed
short cut to Kelso – McBriens Road (1823).

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