102.Knapsack Railway Bridge (and railway zig-zag):

102.Knapsack Railway Bridge (and railway zig-zag):

Location: From the car park at the junction of Mitchells Pass and the GWH take the walking track 850m SSW to Knapsack Bridge.

Altitude, Lat/Long: 80 m AHD;-33.7523,150.6430;

Time required at site: 1 hr return.

Relevance to Cox’s Road: The viaduct was constructed as a railway line access between 1863 and 1867, sweeping across Jamisons Creek, standing on five spans, with maximum span height of 38m, as part of the Little Zig Zag. The railway track was abandoned in 1913, adapted for reuse as a road bridge in 1926, as part of the Great Western Highway, and subsequently abandoned in 1993.

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