Project Summary

Project Summary

The Projects are:

1. Hard copy, tourist focused, map package

Cox’s Road Dreaming – A Natural History of Cox’s 1814/15
Road– Australia’s first inland European Road. This package aims to tell the story of Cox’s Road and to interpret the chosen sites to help participants understand its natural history within an historical context.

The package will contain:

  • A 100 page booklet with eight strip maps housed in pocket;
  • Four maps (each 805 x 210) mm illustrating the location of colonial features, geography, geology and plant communities along Cox’s Road, and
  • A series of 4 concertina strip maps (805 x 210mm) identifying 116 sites between Bathurst and the Nepean River together with descriptions of each site, photos, images, accounts by travellers, poems and prose, Aboriginal sites and experiences;
  • Links will be provided to relevant web pages.

2. Web Site

Development of a stand-alone static web site to complement Project 1.

3. Preparation of a smartphone/tablet app

The proposed app would be suitable for a mobile phone, with
GPS capacity, or preferably iPad or laptop. The app would embrace a subset of around 40 sites used in Project 1 above.

4. The Tour

Retrace the Steps – Cox’s Road Dreaming; This once in a lifetime excursion will enable participants to walk along Cox’s Road from Mount York to the Flag Staff in Bathurst, The project will be self-funding. The walk will take place from April 26th to May 2nd 2015.

5. The Book

Cox’s Road Dreaming: A Natural History of Cox’s 1814/15 Road.

This book is currently being researched and developed independently by David Goldney and is expected to be released midyear 2016. The site descriptions in section 1 above are taken form the developing manuscript.