105. Old Bathurst Road and Zig Zag:

105. Old Bathurst Road and Zig Zag:

Location: Retrace along the GWH and turn right at the Old Bathurst Road and continue through the western part of Emu Plains and then via the Zig Zag section in bushland to Blaxland and the junction with Wilson Way. Turn left at Wilsons Way and then via Layton Avenue to  access the (new) GWH at the McDonalds Blaxland.

Altitude, Lat/Long at the Zig Zag section of road: 130 m AHD;-33.7424,150.6395;

Time required at site: 1 hr to travel the whole road.

Relevance to Cox’s Road: This road replaced the southerly ascent of Lapstone Hill constructed by Cox, in favour of a more northerly route, completed in 1826, travelling due west to Blaxland, but still requiring a number of zig zags to enable the climb up this section of the Lapstone Hill, to be negotiated. These, however, continued to be easily eroded, facilitated by the many cart wheel ruts. This road too, was abandoned, in favour of the route over the Knapsack Bridge (S102). It remains trafficable and is now known as the Old Bathurst Road.

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