80.Charles Darwin Walk:

80.Charles Darwin Walk:

Location: At Wentworth Falls turn into Falls Road at the traffic lights and park on the left at Wilson Park. Darwins Walk commences within the park and follows the Jamison Creek for about 2km. Could also combine this with the magnificent National Pass walk into the Jamison Valley, coming out via the Valley of The Waters and the Conservation Hut at Valley Road, for morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea.

Altitude, Lat/Long: 866m AHD;-33.7248,150.3713;

Time required at site: 2hrs return, around 3hrs to reach the Conservation Hut if taking the National Pass Route.

Relevance to Cox’s Road: Wentworth Falls is about 2km due south of Cox’s Road. Charles Darwin, the most famous of any visitors to walk to the falls from Cox’s Road, did so in 1836.

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