100.Mitchells Pass (1834) – Old Bathurst Road Loop (1826):

100.Mitchells Pass (1834) – Old Bathurst Road Loop (1826):

Location: Backtrack to Mitchells Pass turning right (eventually becomes a one way street), and driving through to Lennox Bridge (S101) where limited parking is available and CARE needed when preparing to park in an area with limited space. Continue on to junction with the original GWH and park in the bays provided.

Altitude, Lat/Long at junction with Glenbrook Road: 192 m AHD;-33.7514,150.6205;

Time required at site: 30 min to 1hr.

Relevance to Cox’s Road: Mitchells Pass was constructed to avoid the steep climb up Lapstone Hill, This major improvement together with the completion of Victoria Pass likely forestalled the construction of a better road from Richmond to Mount Tomah and then via Bells Line of Road to the Hartley Valley.

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