93.The Bluff Land Bridge:

93.The Bluff Land Bridge:

Location: Cox’s land bridge has been destroyed by road and railway works. However a very near location can be accessed via Linden Station. From Caleys Repulse continue along Glossop Road, turning right at Bourke Road and continue on to the Linden Station’s very small car park. Do not continue further along this dead end road. Walk to the station crossover bridge. At the foot of the bridge on the GWH side you can climb onto the sandstone plateau, and then proceed back, walk through the cutting to the footpath on the GWH and parallel with the sandstone monolith. The Bluff Land Bridge was very near this location.

Altitude, Lat/Long: 529m AHD;-33.7150,150.5051;

Time required at site: 1 hr

Relevance to Cox’s Road: The original line of Cox’s Road has long since been demolished by various upgrades to the Great Western Highway immediately south of Linden Station. Cox’s Land Bridge, named by Macquarie as the The Bluff Land Bridge, was one of two such bridges, constructed to enable difficult to level or fill chasms, to be bridged. This was a more efficient use of men’s time compared with the effort that would have been needed to remove and level such chasms. Check out the nearby Donohues Grave and Kings Cave on the return Journey.

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