57.Berghoffers Pass (1907-1912):

57.Berghoffers Pass (1907-1912):

Location: Off a signposted combined track head for Berghoffers Pass and Lawsons Long Alley along Mount York Road about 1.3km from Great Western Highway. This site and S59, can also be accessed safely by using the parking space associated with the gravel dump at the bottom of Victoria Pass, approx 1.7km from the Log Cabin lolly shop in Little Hartley. Be aware of roadworks in this area.

Altitude, Lat/Long at Track Head: 1020m AHD; -33.5756, 150.2404;

Time required at site: One way downhill about 2kms and 1-2 hrs, uphill much longer.

Relevance to Cox’s Road: Construction was completed 87 years after Cox’s Road, representing a seamless evolution of road making over that period. Very similar methods to those used by Cox’s team, were used to construct this handmade road.

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