coxs road dreaming

Coxs Road Dreaming

coxs road dreaming

Tourist Sites

Tourist Sites

1. Flag Staff Monument

10. Boundary Road Reserve

100.Mitchells Pass (1834) – Old Bathurst Road Loop (1826):

101.Lennox Bridge (1834):

102.Knapsack Railway Bridge (and railway zig-zag):

103.Arms of Australia Inn Museum:

104.The Old Punt Road (West Side):

105. Old Bathurst Road and Zig Zag:

106. Portal Lookout and Lapstones:

107. Tunnel View Lookout:

108. Euroka Clearing:

109. Red Hand Caves:

11. Wahluu-Mount Panorama

110: Giant bolts in rocks as you ascend Lapstone Hill:

111. The ‘Old Ferry Road’:

112. Emu Ford Crossing/Lewin’s 1815 painting:

113. Muru Mittigar-Darug Traditional knowledge centre:

114. Gregory Blaxland Cairn (1938):

115. Mamre House:

116. Prospect Hill (Marrong Reserve – previously known as Ridgeline Reserve)

12. Wahluu Gamurra- Wiradjuri Reserve Mount Panorama (previously Sir Joseph Banks Reserve)

13. Settlers Cottage and Degraded Creek Line

14. Pine Ridge

15. Vale Creek Cutting

16. Gormans Hill Road Cutting

17. Bidgeribbin Road/Cox’s Road intersection

18. Campbells River Crossing

19. The Lagoon

2. Lewin’s 1815 Paintings

20. Alicks Creek-Coxs Road Junction

21. McBriens Road (1823) -O’Connell-Kelso-Bathurst Road

22. Carlwood Road (Original line of Cox’s Road) – The Roadside Vegetation

23. Sidmouth Valley (Lewin paintings and Sydmouth Valley Homestead)

24. Junction of Lowes Mount Road and Cox’s Line of Road (Carlwood Road)

25. Snake Valley Creek

26. Evans Peak View from Cox’s Road

27. Fish River Hill

28. Phils Falls - Fish River Crossing

29. Lockyers Line of Road (1828/29)

3. ‘Old Government House’ with ‘Cunningham’s Apricot Tree’

30. Evans Crown - View of Bathurst Plains

31. Historic dwelling- Kilcooly (private property)

32.Cox’s Road - Hampton State Forest

33.Cox’s Road - Eastern Side of Fish River Valley

34.Cuthill Road

35.Great Dividing Range views

36. Mitchells Road (Old Western Road)

37.Hassans Walls Lookout and Boardwalk:

38.The Charles Darwin Memorial - Lake Wallace:

39.The Walker-Barton Private Cemetery Wallerawang: